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Upgrade Your System in 2024 and Save Big. Take Advantage of Lower Prices and Incentives Before New Regulations Kick In!

Understanding the New Regulations

The EPA is banning the use of a refrigerant called R-410A in new HVAC equipment starting in 2025. This means that manufacturers will have to switch to a new type of refrigerant called A2L refrigerants.


Why Does It Matter?

The transition to A2L refrigerants will lead to significantly higher costs for HVAC equipment, as manufacturers will have to redesign their products to accommodate the new chemicals. That means if you wait until 2025 to replace your HVAC system, you could end up paying a lot more for comparable equipment.


How Does It Affect You?

If your HVAC system is nearing the end of its life, now is the time to act. By upgrading your system in 2024, you can avoid the price hikes and ensure that you have a reliable and efficient HVAC system for years to come.

And while manufacturers will stop making R-410A-compatible HVAC units at the end of 2024, the plan to phase out use of the refrigerant in repairs and maintenance stretches well into the late 2030’s. That means homeowners can switch to the new refrigerants at a time that’s most convenient for their system (i.e. at the end of its life).

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Testimonials from Our Happy Customers

Alexandra Stehman

ABSOLUTELY recommend for all, but ESPECIALLY all the single moms out there who don't know anything about their gas furnace (like me!)  White Heating is simply THE BEST - trustworthy, attentive, and fast! I had an emergency breakdown on a Friday with the 35-year-old furnace in my newly-purchased home, and temperatures were due to plunge into the teens and sub-freezing temps the next several nights.  White immediately sent the nicest guy out to diagnose (needed a brand new furnace, as recommended by the fire department) the problem, and he educated me very clearly on the options available and differences between them. He was incredibly courteous, thoughtful, and thorough, PLUS he worked on his Saturday morning to finalize the design and order the parts.

Justin Patterson:

Great experience with White Heating, Inc.  I needed to fully replace two HVAC systems in my home.  Justin did a great job with his initial quote and was very responsive to several questions I had.  Rilee and Lane were awesome installers.  They were CLEAN, personable, great with our dogs, answered questions and worked hard for three days.  All hands were on deck to solve an air intake problem on our attic system.  Gary (the owner) and John came out to help solve the problem.  The price was very competitive for a quality Lennox system.  Very pleased with all aspects of the job from initial meeting to installation.  Highly recommend!!

Richard Thomas

We have been using White Heating for approximately 25 years now. They have replaced furnaces and air conditioners, on different occasions fixed problems with heating and cooling systems, and done routine maintenance. All of this has been done to our complete satisfaction, as should be clear from our 25 year relationship. I recommend them very highly! Richard McCoy, Wexford

Bob Fierst

They have installed and serviced my HVAC equipment over the last 20 years and I have had a positive experience with everything. I especially like it that they are not too large and can give you personalized care. I would highly recommend them!

Maximize Your Savings: HVAC Federal Tax Credits & Electric Company Rebates for Homeowners

Thanks to the Energy Efficient Home Improvement initiative, Pittsburgh homeowners that invest  in energy-efficient systems this year will enjoy significant savings on their taxes. Central air conditioning systems, boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps that meet high-efficiency standards are eligible for these credits.

In addition, many local power companies offer significant rebates on energy-saving HVAC systems. Ease your wallet like never before with rebates from Duquesne Light (up to $375), First Energy (up to $500), and Columbia Gas (up to $1,200).  

By taking advantage of these incentives, you not only reduce expenses on HVAC upgrades but also lower utility bills while contributing to the transition to cleaner energy.  Our comfort advisors will help you understand which credits and rebates will apply to you and how to take advantage of them to increase your savings.

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  • Trusted by Pittsburgh for Over 70 Years: Licensed and insured professionals with decades of experience creating custom solutions for Pittsburgh homes and businesses.
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  • Your Comfort is Our Concern: We are deeply committed to your satisfaction and comfort. From your first call to our finishing touches, we provide quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time.
  • Transparent Pricing, Clear Communication: We understand that an HVAC system represents a significant investment for most families. That’s why you can always count on us to keep your best interest in mind, with honest and upfront communication every step of the way.

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